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Admission Process

To refer a patient to Generations Behavioral Health for Admission to our facility,
follow the guidelines below:

  • Call (440) 491-0155 and inform the staff that you have a patient to admit.
  • You will be referred to a nurse, who will then complete an intake call sheet and request and
    needed clinical information to be faxed to GBH at 440-361-3396.
  • The patient information will be discussed with the medical staff to determine admission status
    (documentation may be requested).
  • Based on the information provided, the physician or nurse practitioner may directly admit the patient or refer the patient for medical clearance at an Emergency Room. Our staff will direct you and
    notify the ER.
  • If the patient does not meet criteria for admission, our staff will assist you and offer alternatives for your client.

Questions/Concerns - Please contact us at (440) 491-0155  •  Fax: (440) 361-3396  •  E-mail: