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Approaches to Care

Individual Therapy

You will be able to meet privately with your physician and social workers to discuss your feelings, symptoms,
life experiences and medications in an effort to find ways to resolve problems you may be experiencing.

Family Therapy

Sometimes it is beneficial to involve family members in your treatment to open communication and increase understanding
of key issues. Your social worker can arrange family meetings with your consent.

Group Therapy

Talking and sharing with other patients in a group setting, led by an experienced healthcare professional can often provide
support, empathy and solutions to life's difficulties.

Recreation Therapy

Expressing yourself through therapeutic activities such as singing, reminiscing, playing games, crafts and exercising to music
helps provide insight and is an outlet for stress.

Activities of Daily Living

Learning positive and productive ways to cope with physical limitations, memory loss, eliminating stress and anxiety
in your daily routine are important parts of your treatment. The nursing staff will offer individual and group experiences to
teach new skills that increase your independence and functioning.