Generations Behavioral Health - Geneva, Overview of General Program

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Generations Behavioral Health - Geneva
Overview of Generations Program

  • The Generations Program is a short term, senior adult inpatient program
  • We treat problems such as depression, anxiety, difficulties processing grief and loss, confusion, medication, manage issues and distress related to a decline in health
  • Our physicians and nursing staff are dedicated to working closely with clients and their loved ones
  • Our philosophy is that each individual is unique with a rich history of life experiences
  • We offer a comfortable, state of the art facility with caring and compassionate staff to help you through each step of your treatment

Treatment Program

  • Under the direction of a psychiatrist, and with the input from the patient and family, an inter-disciplinary team develops an individualized treatment plan for each senior
  • The healthcare team is comprised of a psychiatrist, medical physician, master's prepared social worker, registered nurses, geriatric pharmacist, state certified nursing assistants, and certified nurse practitioner
  • Our board certified psychiatrist provides individual care to each patient and discusses each patient's medication regime with the healthcare team
  • The social worker provides therapy for the patient, develops an aftercare plan to insure proper follow up in the community with their doctors or counselor, and provides residential placement if necessary
  • Each individual's history is assessed by the physician and the treatment team to insure each senior receives appropriate clinical programming