Generations Behavioral Health - Geneva, Typical Daily Schedule

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Generations Behavioral Health - Geneva

Daily programming opportunities include the knowledge provided by nursing staff,  a social worker, a pharmacist and a
recreational therapist. The specific activities are structured to the daily individual needs of the patient population
on any given day. The schedule for the day follows a basic format listed below: 

Typical Daily Schedule


8:00  Breakfast/ Day Shift Community Meeting
8:15  Morning Goals
8:30  Med Pass and Hygiene/ADL
9:45  AM Stretch/Exercise
10:30  Morning Snack
11:00  Recreational Therapy/Activity


12:00  Lunch
12:30  Rest Time/Med Pass
2:00  Social Time
2:45   Afternoon Snack
3:00  Group Therapy
4:00  Goals Wrap-up
4:30  Free Time/Visitation/ Med Pass
5:30  Dinner
7:30  Night Shift Community Meeting
7:45  Rest and Relaxation
8:30  Evening Snack